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Parents - Registration

New Students need to be registered for school.
Download enrollment forms, fill out & bring to District Office
along with Proof of Residency

See below for details in Proofs of Residency

1.   All new students entering Norwalk Community School District must provide the proper documentation to establish proof of residency. The documents provided (Closing Statement, Lease, Evidence of Residence form or Month to Month Rental Proof of Residency) must always state the student’s physical address, parent/guardian's name and date of possession. If you are moving in with a Norwalk resident, please complete the Evidence of Residence form listed as an attachment at the end of this article.  If you do not have a lease but are renting, you will need to fill out the Month to Month Rental Proof of Residency form listed as an attachment at the end of this article.  A post office box is not an acceptable address for the purpose of determining residency.  Please provide the appropriate documentation to Registrar, Diana Spieker, at the time you register your child. Failure to do so may delay your child’s enrollment. If you do not know whether your residence is within the Norwalk Community School District, contact  Diana Spieker, Registrar, at 515.981.0676 or go to the Warren County Assessor site:

      (If you are in need of using a post office box for mailing purposes, you will need to provide a copy of your current power bill that has the post office box on it in addition to the physical address that corresponds to the physical address you provided as acceptable proof of residency.)

2.   The following forms need to be completed in order to register your child. In order to expedite the registration process, you may download, print and complete the forms before coming to Central Office:

  1. Enrollment Form
  2. Ethnic Information
  3. Records Request
  4. Certificate of Dental Screening
  5. Health History
  6. Website Form
  7. Home Language Survey
  8. Pay for Ride Bus Form
  9. Free Bus Form

(You can download the above forms by clicking on the attachment at the end of this article.)


3.   You will need your child’s up-to-date immunization record and proof of birth such as a birth certificate.

4.   Bring any special needs documents if applicable. (Example: Individualized Education Plan/IEP, 504 Plan, Gifted and Talented/Enrichment Plan, Individualized Health Plan (IHP), etc.)

5.   Name, address and phone number of your child’s previous school.

    Once you have gathered and completed the requirements above, please call 515.981.0676 or email Diana Spieker at to set up an appointment to enroll. You must have all of the documents with you before we can enroll your child in the Norwalk Community School District.

Competent Private Instruction (Home Schooling)

    For questions regarding Competent Private Instruction, please refer to the Iowa Department of Education Web site or call Rodney Martinez, 981-1005 with any questions you may have.

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 Enrollment Packet for New Students548 Kb

Non-Discrimination Notice

Norwalk Community Schools Non-discrimination Statement
The Norwalk Community School District provides equal educational and employment opportunities and will not illegally discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, ancestry, or actual or potential parental, familial, or marital status or socioeconomic status.  The Norwalk Community School District will take affirmative action in recruitment, appointment, assignment, and advancement of women and men, members of diverse racial/ethnic groups, and persons with disabilities for job categories in which any of these groups of people are underrepresented.
Inquiries related to this policy may be directed to Mrs. Kate Baldwin, Norwalk Community Schools Equity Coordinator, 906 School Avenue, Norwalk, Iowa 50211, or by phone at 515-981-0676 or by email at   Inquiries may also be directed to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, the Region VII Office of the United States Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, or the Region VII Office of Civil Rights, United States Department of Education.