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Lakewood - Lakewood



Welcome to Lakewood Elementary,

We are pleased to have the opportunity to showcase Lakewood Elementary.  The Lakewood staff takes tremendous pride in using assessment data to drive instruction on a day-to-day basis. Each semester, the teachers analyze data within their classroom and design classroom goals to determine a focus on improving the deficits of the children.  The teachers are committed in using research-based strategies during their instruction in helping individuals within their class reach their goal. 

 The Norwalk School District utilizes a variety of assessments to monitor student learning throughout the year.    Among the methods that are use at Lakewood are:

-     Dynamic Indicator  Basic Early Literacy Skills(DIBELS)    (Testing Reading Fluency)
-     Iowa Test of Basics Skills (ITBS)
-     Scott Foresman Proficiency Test
-     Everyday Math Proficiency Test

I’m very proud to work with the award winning staff at Lakewood. The staff includes award winning teachers.   Recently, the staff won the PE4Life grant, which allocated $25,000 to be used for equipment to enable to children at Lakewood to have equipment to exercise.  Lakewood also received the National Follow the Leader Award for being instrumental in the implementation of FTL throughout the state of Iowa.   Lakewood has a staff that serve the state of Iowa as speakers and trainers  on specific areas.  The students at Lakewood  are fortunate to have Teacher of the Year finalists, Milken Award Winners and National Certified Board Teachers on the staff. I feel very privilege to work with these individuals. 

   Jill Anderson and Dave Oleson
   Principal and Dean,  Lakewood



Non-Discrimination Notice

Norwalk Community Schools Non-discrimination Statement
The Norwalk Community School District provides equal educational and employment opportunities and will not illegally discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, ancestry, or actual or potential parental, familial, or marital status or socioeconomic status.  The Norwalk Community School District will take affirmative action in recruitment, appointment, assignment, and advancement of women and men, members of diverse racial/ethnic groups, and persons with disabilities for job categories in which any of these groups of people are underrepresented.
Inquiries related to this policy may be directed to Mrs. Kate Baldwin, Norwalk Community Schools Equity Coordinator, 906 School Avenue, Norwalk, Iowa 50211, or by phone at 515-981-0676 or by email at   Inquiries may also be directed to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, the Region VII Office of the United States Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, or the Region VII Office of Civil Rights, United States Department of Education.